How to Raise up a Uline H-1043 Standard for Pallet Truck

A Uline H-1043 standard pallet truck might be an invaluable tool if you’re in the industry of hauling hefty pallets. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the device, it can be difficult to figure out how to use it properly.

This post will walk you through the steps of raising and preparing a Uline H-1043 standard for a pallet truck.

Understanding the Uline H-1043 Standard Pallet Truck

Let’s first learn about the Uline H-1043 pallet truck before we go into how to elevate it. The Uline H-1043 is a 5000-pound capacity manual pallet jack. It has a 48-inch standard fork length and a 27-inch fork width.

The overall width of the pallet jack is 27 inches, and the height of the fork when lowered is 2.9 inches. Understanding these dimensions is critical for safety and effectively running the machine.

Precautions for Safety

Before attempting to elevate the Uline H-1043 pallet truck, some safety procedures must be taken. First, ensure sure there are no obstacles or risks in the area.

Second, before attempting to raise the pallet jack, confirm that the wheels are locked.

Third, ensure you have a clear path and that there is no danger to yourself or others. Finally, use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, steel-toed boots, and safety glasses.

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Steps to Raise Up a Uline H-1043 Standard Pallet Truck

Now that you’ve learned about the pallet truck and done the appropriate safety precautions, let’s get started on raising it.

  • Step 1: Position the Pallet Jack

Place the pallet jack in the center of the pallet to be lifted. Check that the pallet jack is perpendicular to the pallet and that the forks are aligned with the center of the pallet.

  • Step 2: Lower the Forks

Reduce the pallet’s height. Jack’s forks should be positioned beneath the pallet. Check that the prongs are fully inserted into the pallet and do not protrude from the other side.

  • Step 3: Squeeze the Handle

To elevate the forks, pump the pallet jack’s handle up and down. As you pump the handle, keep your hands away from the release lever. Pump the handle repeatedly until the pallet is elevated to the appropriate height.

  • Step 4: Lock the Handle

Once the pallet has been raised to the desired height, secure it by moving the release lever forward. This ensures that the pallet jack’s forks remain in place and the pallet remains lifted.

How to Use the Uline H-1043 Pallet Truck

Here are some extra suggestions for operating the Uline H-1043 pallet truck:

  • Before attempting to raise the pallet jack, always ensure that the wheels are locked.
  • Never exceed the 5000-pound weight restriction of the pallet jack.
  • Before attempting to lift a pallet, make sure the forks of the pallet jack are properly positioned beneath it.
  • When pumping the handle, keep your hands away from the pallet jack’s release lever.


Raising a Uline H-1043 standard pallet truck may appear difficult, but with the proper information and procedures, it can be a safe and simple task. Take the appropriate safety precautions, position the pallet jack correctly, and elevate the pallet to the specified height using the pump handle. You can utilize the Uline H-1043 pallet truck securely if you follow these procedures and advice.

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