When Shipping By Pallet To Amazon, How Do You Ask For A Lift Gate On The Freight Truck

If you are shipping a pallet to Amazon and require a lift gate on the freight truck, you can typically request this service from your freight carrier or shipping company when you coordinate the shipment.

  • The following are the procedures necessary to request a lift gate:
  • Contact your freight carrier or transportation company and inform them that your shipment to Amazon requires a lift gate.
  • Deliver the delivery address, shipment weight, and number of pallets to the carrier.
  • Request a quote that includes the cost of the lift gate service from the carrier.
  • Confirm the delivery date and time with the carrier, and ensure they have your contact information.
  • Provide any special delivery instructions or requirements, such as specific delivery times or loading dock access, to the carrier.

Remember that requesting a lift gate may incur additional fees, so account for this in your shipping budget. Additionally, you should clarify with Amazon if they permit lift gate delivery and if your shipment is subject to any restrictions or specific requirements.

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